What Up With That February Edition

The winter garden is just about kaput, and none too soon, as it is almost -
Spring is when everyone, even the most metropolitan, 5th generation removed from the land, city slickers (he’s right behind me, isn’t he? (Curly (Jack Palance) that is)) among us long to till the earth. To feel the crumbling soil, smell the fragrant loam, and you know, all that flowery crap. My goal is to channel all those misguided gardening urges into building community and serving the Lord. Doesn’t seem like too much to ask, does it?
So here is the plan – (I’ve run this by Seth while we held court at the Whip In as the soaker hoses ran last Saturday morning, so this holds water. By the way, we were greeted at the Whip In by Anastasia, the morning barkeep, with “They’re alive!” It was like we were Norm at Indian/78704 Cheers.)

So, the plan -

1 We harvest the last of the carrots and broccoli.
2 We rip everything up.
3 We pull up all the trellising.
4 Then we have the Monty Don, Double Dig, compost and fertilizer extravaganza.
5 Then we plant tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes, that is. That’s right, just tomatoes. Both Seth and I believe that our small garden is just too distracted when we plant all the fun stuff we want to grow. So we are going to focus on tomatoes. And we are going to grow an absolute manure ton of them.

First thing first, Team McAlister / Chilton is working this weekend. They will harvest the carrots and any broccoli still around. Then they will pull all living things from the garden.
Then, over the next few weeks we’ll let the garden lie fallow before the big rebuild.

Onwards, to tomatoes!



Two Ways to Serve in the Garden

There are now two (that is, 2!) different ways you and your group or family or self can serve at The Christ Church Garden -

Option 1) The traditional way – you either sign up by commenting on the fall schedule post or emailing me directly at evans@austinequine.com . Then you show up when you want, do the work that the garden requires that week (I’ll let you know what) and then go to brunch or lunch or just about your merry way. This way of volunteering in the garden is fast, easy, fun and has proven very accommodating to several groups. Our garden is located at 1702 Woodland Avenue Austin, TX 78741.

But some of you have requested that there be more connection with the main Genesis Garden / Mobile Loaves and Fishes groups as well as connection with the homeless and formerly homeless we serve. For those that are looking for more, we give you -

Option 2)! First, just like option 1 you sign up with Christ Church Garden by either commenting on the fall schedule post or emailing me directly at evans@austinequine.com . Then you -

  • Go to http://mlf.org/community-first/volunteersgg/, scroll down until you see “Farm Development”.
  • You click “sign up” for your date and when the sign up page comes up, there is a comment box. In that box, put that you are coming from Christ Church Garden and what time you expect to arrive (They ask that you arrive prior to 9:30 am). Also, give them your cell so they can contact you if anything changes.
  • Their garden address is 5800 Johnny Morris Austin, TX  78724

So, after working at the Christ Church garden, you head over to the main Genesis Garden and work there. Awesome, huh? But wait, there’s more! After working at the main Genesis Garden, you gather for a community brunch provided onsite with the Genesis Garden team and other volunteers. You work, you serve, you break bread. Sounds Christ like, right? That’s because it is.

Check out our about page and the links located therein to learn more about CCG, MLF, GG and other combinations of capitalized letters.

Please comment or email with any questions.



Fall Planting Day Details


Look at those beautiful babies! They are just begging to be planted. By YOU. And YOUR FAMILY.
What – Planting (duh, pay attention, please), community, children playing on the onsite playground, Joy and Happiness for all
When – Tomorrow, September 14th (unless it is no longer the 13th when you read this, in which case I have no idea how the 14th relates to what day it is for you) 9 am until done (this wont take long – 10, 10:30 at the latest)
Where – Our garden at Ye Olde Holy Trinity Site – 1702 Woodland Avenue Austin, TX 78741  (garden is on the back side of the portable buildings to the northwest of the parking lot, or park on Sylvan Dr. and you will see the garden and playground)
Why – Service, community, fellowship, other churchy words
What we don’t have – bathrooms, mostly.
To be followed by brunch. We will decide that location after planting, I guess.
Cheers! Blessings!

A Couple of Options for Your Consideration

Two ideas that I would like you to cogitate upon -

First and most important – there are new ways to serve at Genesis Gardens (GG from now on in this post), which as all of you dedicated Christ Church Garden (CCG, I am a lazy typist) Blog readers know, is one of our two parents organizations.

Go to http://mlf.org/community-first/volunteersgg/ and see the opportunities.

This is how I see this working with our CCG efforts. Your group or family or self (whoever and however you decide to serve) comes to our CCG site and works there, the usual stuff – water, weed, fertilize and harvest (leaving the drip system on). Then, when done at CCG, head over to join Steven Hebbard at the main GG sites, of course, you had the good courtesy to sign up and let Steven know when you expect to be there, which he ask to be before 9:30 am -

  • When you go to http://mlf.org/community-first/volunteersgg/, scroll down until you see “Farm Development”.
  • You click “sign up” for your date and when the sign up page comes up, there is a comment box. In that box, put that you are coming from CCG and what time you expect to arrive. Give them your cell so they can contact you if anything changes.
  • The address is 5800 Johnny Morris Austin, TX  78724

Then after working there, you gather for a community brunch with the main GG team and other volunteers.(then go turn the drip system off at CCG. This will solve the issue that we frequently don’t water long or deep enough for our plants)

This will provide more contact with GG and other churches / groups in our community that are cool enough to work with GG. It will also solve one of the issues that I think prevents people from serving at CCG – the idea that it is kind of insulating service and it is hard to grasp that you are serving God and His people when you are just out digging in the dirt by yourself, even though YOU ARE. So this will bridge that gap – you’ll see what we are doing in the bigger picture and break bread with those you serve and serve with, which is very Christ like indeed.

So chew on that, would you!

Second and of less importance -

Earlier this week I joked about what a 78704 hipster cool guy our scarecrow would be if we had one, and the response has been overwhelming – the people want a hipster scarecrow! Skinny jeans, ironic t-shirt, fedora, horn rim glasses, vintage pumas. What fun we could have.

If you or your group has a creative bent, or has outgrown your hipster clothes (either emotionally or physically), please volunteer to build us a scarecrow. I’ll get the post and hay, you bring the cool.

Fall 2013 Gardening Schedule


August 31st – Christ Church Men pre-College Football Work party. Are you a man? Prove it. Come out and spread some compost.

September 14th – Friesen Small Group / Fall Planting Extravaganza

September 21st – Chilton / McAlister

September 28th – Foulkrod Family (also this year’s winner for coolest last name at Christ Church, beating McCool 30-29)

October 5th – Coelho Groupo

October 12th – Christ Church Youth Group! On Sunday the 13th.

October 19th – Chilton / McAlister

October 26th -

November 2nd -

November 9th -

November 16th – Chilton / McAlister

Upcoming Event at the main Genesis Garden site with the whole GG Gang!

On Saturday April 20th, we, the gardeners of Christ Church, are invited to join Steven Hebbard and the main Genesis Garden crew at a work day in their garden.

It will be an awesome (that is a core value of ours, right? Right!) morning of prayer, work and fellowship with and for the Lord.

This is how it will go, per Mr. Hebbard -

The event will start for the prayer service at 7:30am sharp, at 5800 Johnny Morris Rd 78724.  After the prayer service, around 8am, we’ll be launching into the various work teams at the various locations.  The only two locations people will be at that day are the Model Park and the Village property.  The Village is at 9301 Hog Eye Rd 78724.
The work teams will break down and join us for the First Fruits brunch around 11 at the Model Park.  The day will be over around 12 or 12:30 at latest (though I’m sure some will need to leave early, we’re hoping to encourage as many as possible to come and join us through the end of the Brunch.  The Brunch is a gift event.  That means, no cost except the gift of oneself!   But… if someone, from the storehouses of their heart, wants to bring a brunch item, such as fruit, or something for the breakfast tacos, let Heidi know and we’ll refrain from providing that.
Also, it would be especially awesome if anyone from Christ Church who wants to come signs up for a team at the following GivePulse link: https://www.givepulse.com/group/153-Genesis-Gardens-A-Program-of-Mobile-Loaves-Fishes

Spring Garden Volunteer Schedule!

Yes! It is that time. Sign up your small group, your family, your ladies auxiliary, your mens auxiliary (what, you thought that only women could auxiliaryize? Men can, too. It is 2013, get with it!) – it is Spring garden schedule time!

As you can see, we are pretty open, so come out and do some good, or even awesome, with your chosen people.

  • January 12th
  • January 19th - Denning / McAlister
  • January 26th – Henry and Evans (to be followed by pitch and put)
  • February 2nd
  • February 9th
  • February 16th – Youth Group
  • February 23rd – Denning / McAlister
  • March 2nd 
  • March 9th – Nehme / Stumberg
  • March 16th
  • March 23rd
  • March 30th – McAlister
  • April 6th – Gorman
  • April 13th
  • April 20th
  • April 27th
  • May 4th
  • May 11th
  • May 18th

Fall Volunteer Schedule!

Please read the title in the voice of Oprah giving stuff away. Sounds more exciting, doesn’t it?

I tried really hard to embed some sort of calender in here and failed. OK, I googled how to do it, read one article, got confused and gave up. So here is the fall volunteer schedule in lame list form. I listed Saturdays, since that is the common work day, but you could sign up and work Sunday or anytime during the week not in school hours (City School doesn’t want a bunch of creepy people like you hanging around during school hours). Sign up first and get a free hug at the garden (or high five, if hugs are awkward for you) -

  • September 1st – Team Henry
  • September 8th – Matt and Ben and Taco More
  • September 15th – Denning / McAlister
  • September 22nd – Friesen Small Group not so triumphantly returns
  • September 29th – Coelho Small Group
  • October 6th – CC Youth Group triumphantly returns to the garden
  • October 13th – Teame Nehme
  • October 20th – Denning / McAlister
  • October 27th – Church retreat, no volunteers this week
  • November 3rd
  • November 10th – Coelho SG
  • November 17th – Denning/ McAlister
  • November 24th – Thanksgiving weekend and the annual A&M v Texas game! Oh, wait, they called that off due to pride and avarice. Who wants to garden?
  • December 1st – Kaufman et al
  • December 8th
  • December 15th – Perry Honor Society

Garden Installation Anecdotes

Some brief thoughts, impressions and stories shared with me from the garden build -

“I practiced with a mattock for two months before showing up and it really payed off. I didn’t have time to work on my raking and I think that was evident. Maybe next time.” – Bob Smith

“So, wait, are tomatoes a fruit or a vegetable?” – Sally Jones

“I finally learned which end of the shovel to hold! Who knew?” – Bob Jones

“It was awesome. I didn’t want to go home. I felt like Peter on the mountain top – you know, the three tents and all. But that just didn’t seem reasonable so we all had a pizza buffet and called it a night.” – Sally Smith

Thanks for sharing, Bob, Sally, Bob and Sally!

(OK. No one had any anecdotes, so I made that stuff up. It seemed necessary at the time.)